Bryan Oliver
for Englewood City Council At-Large

I am a Colorado Native, and have lived my entire life in the Denver Metro Area.  I moved to Englewood 5 years ago, I chose Englewood for the diversity, culture, and small community with a large city feel.  I am very passionate about how our government should operate and believe that anyone who decides to run for an elected position should remember that when they get in office their job is to be a servant of the citizens, not the other way around.

For the last couple of months I have been part of Englewood Citizens for Open Government, a local community group, concerned with transparency, openness, accessibility and accountability in our city government.  This group has provided the people of Englewood information about issues before city council, and has been a resource for those that have been treated poorly by the city.  And due to their collective efforts audio recordings of Englewood City Council meetings have been made available, since December 2008, to the community on the Englewood Citizens for Open Government website.  As a service to the community ECOG records each City Council session and Study Session with their own equipment in an effort to increase the transparency of the decision making process for the people of Englewood.  These recordings are available at

Professional Career

I have a B.A. from Colorado State University in Speech Communications and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver.  I am also a Colorado licensed attorney and have been working in the legal profession since 2003.  Due to my background and studies in law I have come to realize that there is too much happening in government affecting our everyday lives that goes unnoticed or even approved of by us, its citizens.  This has lead me to run for the upcoming November 2011 at large election.

My Commitment to you
There have been too many City Council meetings where people’s opinions are disregarded and ignored.  This has to change.  It's the responsibility of a City Council Member to listen to the needs of the people.  I have my ideas on what needs changed, and what needs to occur to put this city back on track. However, those opinions are worthless without the support of the people of Englewood.   My commitment to you is to be accessible, transparent, and keep an open path of communication to anyone that wants to be heard.  When elected I will hold regular community meetings where all of the public is invited to talk with me and voice your opinion.  It’s time for your voice to be heard.
I would appreciate your vote, and will look forward to serving for you on the Englewood City Council.

My Commitment to you

I am sick and tired of the business as usual, ask no questions, do what ever we want government.  It needs to stop!  If elected to Englewood City Council I promise to always be available to the citizens of Englewood.  I will make it my mission to reign in government spending and balance the budget, always keeping in mind that it is YOUR money I am working with.  I will work to increase transparency in all facets of our government, and bring leadership and vision for the future of Englewood.  If elected I will hold regular community meetings where any citizen of Englewood can come and voice their opinions or concerns to me personally.  Without your support and ideas our city will never become the one that we dream of.

I would appreciate your vote, and look forward to serving you as an Englewood City Council member.

Please, contact me anytime at
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